Ayurvedic Concepts and its relations with skin care

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One of the most used and oldest techniques in the field of health is Ayurveda. It has been widely used across the globe before the presence of allopathic treats and is still being practiced in many parts of the world.

The concept of Ayurveda relies on the idea that it focuses on the whole-health instead of just one aspect. All the industries related to health and body have been utilizing the principles and methodologies of Ayurveda to find the solution of the several health problems. Skin industry is also not behind in this matter, and this treatment approach has been widely used in the industry.

For the purpose of skin care, Ayurvedic approaches provide herbal notion which has a combination of different herbs leading to synergy and balance. The best part is that these products have no side effects. There are several regions in different parts of the world such as UAE, Vedic therapies have grabbing the attention of people in last few years and with the growing attention towards skin regime it is trending in the market. Ayurveda Dubai based services are getting the attention, and many people trust it because of its long lasting, soothing and side effects free results.

The Basics:

What is the first thing to understand before you get any treatment for your skin? Well, it is your skin type. Now in this treatment approach, you have to identify your Ayurvedic skin type.

As you might already be aware that there are three different types of doshas which are deciding factor governing all the activities as well as physical characteristics of the person.

As per the concepts of the Ayurveda, a person is born with a specific skin type but over the period of time and with the environmental changes as well as some other factors lead to change in the skin type.

People with Vata skin type generally have dry and thin skin which is more prone to dehydration and dry weather. On the other hand, pitta skin type is photosensitive which means people with this skin type generally are prone to hot weather and fieriness in the temperature. Lastly, Kapha dosha is based on the combination of water and earth, so their skin is greasy and less tolerant of sun waves. Other than that there can be a combination like Kapha-pitta which means the skin is going to be oily and sensitive.

Ayurvedic Concepts and its relations with skin care

Ayurveda And Skin Care:

Once you know your skin type, then there will be different treatments available based on the type of skin. For example, for the Kapha skin type people will be exposed to more toxins accumulated and they need detoxification often. Also, they need to avoid oily foods and need skin cleansing often. When it comes to Vatta which mean the skin is dry, so the person needs to use essential oil and drink a lot of water to keep it dehydrated. Lastly, for the pitta skin type, there is a greater need for the coolness of the skin and protection from extreme weathers. People should avoid spicy food in this case because it will add up to fierce behaviour.

If you are someone living in UAE, you have to understand the type of skin and how Ayurveda Dubai can help you achieve that glowing skin which is smooth and fresh.


Things are changing fast, and environmental conditions can actually adversely impact the skin. Therefore, instead of going towards cosmetic it is essential to opt for natural Vedic therapies to look fresh.

For more about skin care: Skincare with Ayurveda


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